Немного о законах Гонконга.

Холодное оружие в Гонконге:

Hong Kong

Under the Weapons Ordinance (HK Laws. Chap 217), certain knives are designated as ‘prohibited weapons’, including:

  • Gravity knife
  • Knuckleduster whether spiked or not and with or without blade
  • Any bladed or pointed weapon designed to be used in a fashion whereby the handle is held in a clenched fist and the blade or point protrudes between the fingers of the fist.
  • Any knife the blade of which is exposed by a spring or other mechanical or electric device

Possession of prohibited weapon is illegal under section 4 of the ordinance and offender is liable to a fine of and to imprisonment for 3 years. Any Police officers or Customs officers can seize and detain any prohibited weapon. Once convicted, the weapon is automatically forfeited to the government and can then be disposed of by the Commissioner of Police.

Вообщем везу в багаже 2 ножа баллисонга с Филиппин + Sog Visionary II (мой EDC) Sog не автомат, должен пройти, а баллисонги могут попасть под Gravity Knife ограничение. 3 года тюрьмы.
Отпишусь по прилету в Китай. Если не отпишусь, то через 3 года 🙂 или штрафф.

Еще у них запрещено носить фейерверки.

Dangerous Goods
According to Cap 295 《Weapons Ordinance》, Laws of Hong Kong, Any person who has possession of any types of dangerous goods commits an offence.

P.S. не посадили. Долетел нормально.

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